Are you planning on expanding your business and investing in sales and marketing?

Focus on your core business. Leave the logistics and distribution to us.


  • For companies which do not have or have inadequate equipment and infrastructure for distribution
  • For companies which perform internal distribution through existing internal resources
  • For companies that rent logistics provider to perform logistic activities in order to cut costs and investments


  • By deciding to strategicaly use outside companies to perforn functions traditionally realized by internal stafff, using internal resources
  • Logistics tasks are given to professional providers and the long term contracts are drawn.
  • Clients demand complete logistic service


  • Efficiency improvement (lower costs, better performances)
  • Supply optimization (lower level of reserves)
  • Reduction in logistics costs (transport, storage, moving operations)
  • Higher logistic quality
  • No longterm financial obligations connected with logistics
  • Greater delivery readiness, flexibility
  • Liquidity improvement and concentration to core business
  • Transfer of investment risk to service providers
  • Know-how : modern provider equipment in combination with the existing client concept
  • The right goods, the right place, the right time, the right amount, the right status, the right packaging, acceptable price

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