faqFrequently asked questions


What is “door to door” service, exactly ?
What are the payment methods for the transport ?
Can the shipment be paid for by the recipient?
Which is the usual delivery time to the recipient? Is that the guaranteed delivery time?
How will I know that the courier has been to my place?
What happens when I submit the shipment to the City Express on Friday?
What is “return information” regarding shipment delivery?
What is dimensional weight and how is it applied?
What is not allowed for transport?
Does City Express provide shipment packaging?
What do I do if the content of my shipment are damaged – shattered, broken, or partially damaged?
How can I as a legal entity become your contractual partner and use the possible advantages?
If I am not a contractual partner, and I, as a legal entity, want to send an urgent shipment, is it still possible for me to do so?
How can I find out where is my package now?
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