truckAs part of the Austrian Post, City Express doo has the ability to establish international transport services for its clients. In order to achieve greater competitiveness in Europe and Serbia, our clients need flexible transport solutions that will meet theirs specific requirements. For all these reasons, the Austrian post and City Express doo, became part of Eurodis network with a goal to achieve optimal packet delivery from door to door in most country of Europe.

As part of Eurodis Network, City Express doo is able to pick up shipments for its clients from the following countries: Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Hungary and Switzerland and to delivery them to locations, either in Serbia or in most of the countries in Europe.

Our plan is that in the near future, we establish export from Serbia to this countries and to conect to countries from our region ( Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro ).

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