CAS – Customer Automatization System

CAS – Customer Automatization System

We present to you ExpedIT, that allows for a FAST and SIMPLE shipping of packages.
The free software ExpedIT is an application that offers support to our clients when using the services of the City Express.
User advantages of the ExpedIT:

  • No manual filling out of express forms
  • Clients are using their own client (customer) database
  • Existing electronic archive of all sent shipments
  • Possibility of entering your own reference number (e.g. bill of lading, invoice)
  • Tracing the package on the Internet by reference number or packing number

Expedit :

  • Easy to install
  • Possibility of creating labels on laser printer and special label makers

Link for download: Expedit

Expedit needs Java platform. Link for download: Java

Please contact our sales department before downloading and installing the application
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MIPFor the clients who use their own barcode to label their shipments, the file that connects the barcode with the shipment data must be saved in .dat format (description of the .dat format, the fields necessary and the file example are given below in the file)

All that is needed is to email the file to City Express. No filling out of any documents or taping the package.

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